Where language is no barrier!


Inability to get involved and network with fellow students from the different countries due to language barrier motivated us to make an application which takes care of that. Now, you can be a part of their group while and while everyone is talking, you can have it in your chosen language.

What it does

Not comfortable in Chinese, Japanese, Hindi or English? No problem. Here we got you a solution to interact and network freely and easily using your own chosen language. More than 100 supported languages and reliability of fast Google Translator, we built a mobile application to network easily via text messages in chosen language and we will do rest of work to make them understand your thoughts.

How we built it

Konnect is currently built for Android devices. It uses the support of Google translator. We will expand this to iOS, web and wearable platforms in near future

Challenges we ran into

Getting hold of an efficient and reliable solution which is fast in the translation of languages was the biggest challenge. Ended up buying Google Cloud Platform: Translation API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We could build a running model of our idea by the end of this hackathon with satisfactory results.

What we learned

We learned to work together in a team and keep working without losing hope. There might be issues which will help us creatively think of other solutions to the same problem. Thus, there are many ways to reach our goal. Fight On!

What's next for Konnect

Extending Konnect for audio messages, video messages, and for other platforms like iOS, wearables.

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