Have you ever tried paying wages to different employees in 40 countries in one click ? When I was working with a company in Canada,The payment wasn't automated because I was paid with usdt which is difficult because no payroll platform on blockchain to use. Most times we have to remind the employer that we have not received payment yet.It became a huge problem and a delay. I researched and discovered that most businesses that accept crypto currencies from customer do that manually, and also they do that with their personal wallet.So I discovered that I can actually unify all these process in one platform called konnadex where business can receive money using payment link or konnadex sdk and pay their staff from the same platform automatically.This payment can be done in batches, recurrent etc. Konnadex also provide businesses or merchants with an invoicing system and a wallet system also.Why konnadex is the best is because it allows merchant to use his personal wallet or make use of konnadex wallet making the system very flexible.

How we built it

We work as a team.We used agile methodology. The project is not yet fully done.Aggressive development is still goin on.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot challenge including : Choice of language to use ,Calculating konnadex fee onchain, Onchain price validation ,Email service not working properly etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to do our Onchain price validation with chainlink. We are able to process multiple staff salary in just one click. We are able to process payment for a compliant invoices. We are able to integrate fraud detection algorithm.

What we learned

We learnt that onchain validation is very important when maintaining authenticity of payment. We learnt that system security is very important. We learnt that multiple transaction can be processed in batches with minimal gas fee. We also learnt that anything you can think about, you can also build it.

What's next for Konnadex

We need to finalize other features of the application and release an mvp for the public to use.We also need funding to scale our product for global outreach.

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