Communities helping each others is growing around the world but lack of application to manage it.

At one side; Communities in needs, because of poverty, affected natural disaster, conflict and in appropriate government policy, are suffering due to lack of resources and external support for recovery and development. There are about 1.5 billion poor people in the world to be supported.

On the other side; Supporting communities, they are may be volunteers, communities groups, NGOs, and Donors experiencing lack of data to whom, what, where and how to deliver aid. About USD 200 billion of development aid fund should be fully matched with those who in need.

KONGSI CORE is attempting to connecting and matching them in one platform, so:

Using Kongsi communities in needs will have a better access to external resources and support for recovery and development and they can manage themselves of the social action projects easier.

Supporting communities will have more data for better aid management, be able to monitor projects on the go. Also they can share their experience directly to targeted communities in a efficient way.

KONGSI CORE has advantage features for improving productivity in activity and team management, project progress monitoring, funding management and expense tracking. Using KONGSI is as easy as using facebook. Communities in needs simply create a project then publish it. Supporting communities use search by country and district to find list of communities in needs then review it for delivering support.

Expected impact to global community when KONGSI CORE widely applied is reducing management and agency cost for development industry that currently very expensive. At the end, global poverty reduction efforts will be more accelerated, more measurable and accountable.

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