Our game, Kongey Donk, is based on a classic arcade game from the '80s called Donkey Kong. Kongey Donk features its own graphic designs and audio samples as well as multiple levels. The user plays as a character named "Steve" who has recently lost his wife, Paulina, to the evil gorilla known as Kongey Donk. The goal of the game is to avoid barrels while attempting to reach and retrieve Paulina. Kongey Donk continues to grab Paulina and climb further up the scaffolding until he gives up and the player has won. This project was built by dividing up the team into separate, smaller groups to work on individual aspects of the game. With some of us working on the code while others working on the visuals and audio, the project progressed quickly. We ran into a few issues with creating a background sound that could match the theme of the game, however, a coherent game was made with decent sound effects, graphics, and gameplay. Eventually, more levels will be added and the plot will be extended with boss fights and plot twists.

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