With, Communities, find your allies, and make a bigger impact!

As the biggest social media platform, Facebook has a very big and diverse groups/communities from all over the world, from different goals and background. But we do realize, there's not much conversation between each other. In the meantime, maybe we don't think there's an urgency to connect. But later...

As a community activists, we held discussions. we held events. we held meetups.

However, we do often find difficulties. to find human resources, expertise, mentors, fundings, venues, and even publications. In that time, we will be running to find related communities to collaborate. We'll spend much time finding in search engines, Facebook search, contacting each of them, and finding out whether they can help or not. It costs lot of time and energy. Imagine if we have a connections long before, or can contact and discover all of the communities more fast and efficient.

What it does

Komunally is existed to help communities combine their power to form an ally and together make their good mission in the world comes true.

We do community-to-community magic power collaboration platform to connect communities through vision, events, and needs to contribute more to the society.

Komunally is not moving an existing social media to a new one, but rather helps it complete functionality to bridge communities together. Our useful functionalities:

  • Share unpublished events to communities to find collaboration chances
  • Offer our community strength to help other
  • Discover related communities easily from #hashtags

If we communities can combine our strengths and needs to be stronger together, WHY DO WE HAVE TO WALK SEPARATELY?

How we built it

We brainstorm the idea, and validate our ideas using quistionnaire to 19 community leaders in Indonesia. The result of the quistionnaire determine the features in our app, and the urgency behind it. Then we make the prototype with Design Thinking and find a boilerplate from Github. We also separate our tasks, with a front end developer in the team, Rivki, which developed using scss and bootstrap using Nuclide, a back end developer in the team, Irvan, which developed using Node JS and MongoDB, and also using Graph API.

Bonus Prize

Build and grow community. With komun+ally, we can stregthen each other community through collaborations.

Facebook Product

We use Graph API to pull groups which the user is an admin inside, to synchronize Group's data between the platform and Facebook.

Challenges we ran into

We found problems in pulling requests from Graph API, we need numbers from Facebook groups, and strategies to pull data from Facebook and got a quick help from Facebook team in the room.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully pull from the Graph API, finish our main idea, and also got time to make presentations.

What's next for komun+ally

We planned to publish komun+ally with Discover community features, more advanced strength and needs options, and develop more engaging communications inside komun+ally.

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