We are upcoming college freshmen. We realize that moving away from our parents will present unique struggles. We found a simple and fun solution - life hacks!

What it does

Our app consists of three main panels - "Random", "Discover", and "Favorites". The Random page provides new life hacks generated by a randomization algorithm for a daily tip. The Discover page breaks down college life into 7 main categories for the user to pick from - classes, dorm life, travel/transport, food, sleep, networking, and budgeting. The Favorites tab allows the user to save hacks for later use.

How I built it

We created KollegeKitty on XCode using the Swift language. Our process consisted of ideation, screen building, coding, and debugging/testing.

Challenges I ran into

Our primary obstacle was saving hacks into the Favorites tab from our Random and Discover pages.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our code's efficiency and reusability and our simple, user-friendly design.

What I learned

We further learned about the development process and debugging code. We practiced organizing our code into classes and simple functions.

What's next for KollegeKitty

We plan on further developing KollegeKitty by integrating API's and generate fresh life hacks for our college users!

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