World Needs Volunteers, and Volunteers need better platforms and rewards

We live in extraordinary times, and the world faces challenges that can seem overwhelming or even insurmountable. Even before the pandemic, climate change continues unchecked, inequality has soared, politics becomes ever more polarized. At the same time, we have the largest migration crisis in human history;, over 68 million people worldwide were on the move, fleeing conflict, instability, poverty and lack of opportunity.

Volunteerism connects people, enabling them to work together to tackle the pressing issues of our time. To make volunteerism better and effective, we need to solve three problems

1) increase the number of global volunteers, 2) make volunteerism easier, and 3) appreciate, recognize and reward the volunteers.

While there are informal local and somewhat formal specific (UN Volunteers) exchanges where volunteers can find meaningful work, most volunteerism is done in ad hoc and non-scalable ways. There is, for instance, LinkedIn (and other employment sites) for employment/labor, but none for volunteerism. We believe that a global, scalable marketplace/exchange would help solve the first two problems.

There is the fiat currency that officially rewards employment/labor. But there is no global, exchangeable reward mechanism for volunteers, and fiat currency debases intrinsic motivation. As a result we do not show much appreciation for volunteers, and instead rely solely on their goodness. We most definitely believe that a well-thought exchangeable extrinsic reward system would help solve the final problem.

Kolkola is a volunteer exchange with a robust reward system.

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