Table of Contents

  1. Inspiration
  2. Idea
  3. Tech Implementation
  4. Business Model


  1. We need to make people fit and our inspiration came from the idea that each and every person in the whole world loves their pet.
  2. People will go above and beyond for their health and maintaining their pets in the most luxurious way possible.
  3. So we thought why don't we use this emotional touch of humans and pets and try to link together a gamified version which will enable people to be healthy.


  1. So the idea was to link a virtual pet to a person's health, meaning if a person is doing their health chores for 2 years their virtual pet is 2 years and old.
  2. To understand better If you are dieting your virtual pet is also on a diet, if you run for 10 km today your pet also ran for 10 km, so in a brief, we made a virtual pet for you which will intake all the data points of a user.
  3. In between there are ups and downs just like normal life: if a person stops exercising for a week their pet will have not workout and will show on the dashboard and if you don't do your chores for a week straight your pet is abducted by the aliens ( you will not be able to see your pet on the dashboard ) and to revive you have to work hard ( maybe more than usual ) as rescuing someone from the inter-dimension species should be hard.
  4. Not only this you can see your friend's pet health and even battle in your healthy competitions.

Tech Stuff

  1. Frontend using HTML. CSS ( A dashboard in which users are assigned a virtual pet ).
  2. Virtual pets will evolve according to your health data points.
  3. Backend is done on Python and using some API's to connect the frontend

Business Proposal

  1. We plan to make revenue through in-app purchases. ( Virtual accessories for pets, Power-Ups when battling with your friend )
  2. Why In-app Purchase ( as Robolox made 1.6 Billion dollars in 2020 by selling skins and stuff so we think it might be a good option )
  3. Ads from Gyms and health care institutions

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