Contests like the NYC App Gap Challenge exist because it's difficult to build apps that meet all the needs of educators. To be valuable in the classroom, apps have to do much more than engage the children using them. They need to tie into school information systems, help teachers understand student progress, enable personalized learning, and fit comfortably into the classroom ecosystem.

Kodiak is a cloud platform powering the next generation of educational apps. Rooted in research conducted at Carnegie Mellon, Kodiak provides schools with a valuable feedback loop, helping them use the iPad effectively. A real-time dashboard makes it easy to monitor students using apps and identify struggling learners. Interactive reports highlight student achievement and provide districts with important metrics about iPad usage. Soon, Kodiak's learning analytics will help teachers find the right apps for their students, spot struggling learners that need help, and spend less time preparing for tests.

Kodiak doesn't build apps—it provides educators with a powerful dashboard and developers with the infrastructure they need to build great apps for the classroom. One of the apps built on top of Kodiak, Long Division Touch—Classroom Edition, is entered in the Gap App Challenge in the Math Instruction category!

Kodiak provides educators with an essential feedback loop about the mobile devices in their classrooms, empowering them to unlock the full potential of their iPad programs.

For Educators

  • Use Kodiak-supported apps in your classroom
  • Understand students' progress as they play
  • Identify struggling learners during activities
  • Print reports to share with parents
  • Track students across multiple devices

For Developers

  • Tie your app into school information systems
  • Provide teachers with an online reporting dashboard
  • Save student progress and restore it the next time they play
  • Stop reinventing the wheel: use iOS interfaces designed with the help of educators for sign in, student account management, and more
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