Ko’s Journey uses the engaging power of story and web-based gaming to send students on an ancient rite-of-passage journey filled with purposeful, meaningful math. Students take on the role of Ko, a girl in an ancient wilderness who is separated from her kin trying to find her way back to her people with the help of her spirit grandfather. As the story line unfolds, it reveals math challenges that can be solved with the help of a guidebook. Students calculate how far they can travel by working with fractions; they explore the concept of ratios as they build balanced arrows, they learn to solve equations with ratios when they must mix medicine to save a wolf pup, and much, much more.

Ko’s Journey is unique in that the math problems are embedded, and make sense, within the context of the story, rather then the disconnected (and disheartening) approach typically presented in educational games, where math is an abstract challenge or problem that must be solved before the player returns to the ‘fun’ part of the game. The online play is complemented by live-action videos that explain how the math students have mastered in the game relates to real-life situations and standardized tests. Student progress and assessment is completely automated and is easily accessed through a secure administrator dashboard for teachers.

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