The Challenge Eligibility for services An App version of KnoxHousingHelp to search keywords to match fields entered by the user (veteran, age, family, youth, domestic violence, etc.) to match them to city services. Look at LA's WIN app

What it does

Homelessness is a major problem to combat. With our app, we aim to empower people experiencing homelessness with information on nearby shelters, occupancy, services, and more. We lower the barrier to entry by surfacing relevant suggestions, while making searching easily accessible using filters, categories and location. We lower this barrier to entry while also placing an emphasis on using simpler words in place of more technical jargon used in the taxonomy index. This is accomplished by abstracting away the airs taxonomy numbers and names in favor of simpler terms found from the We engage users by providing the ability to favorite locations for quick access, and provide user satisfaction ratings.

How we built it

This app was built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, and Redux. While utilizing packages from React Router, Google Cloud Platform APIs, and Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Existing User Experience In order for users to navigate categories to find information about a given facility or service, they would need to click as many as 10 times through a deep hierarchy. In our app, we reduced this to about 2-3 clicks. While also simplifying terms into a more digestible form.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of adding filtering options to the resource search so that people experiencing homelessness are able to connect with resources they are eligible for without having the need to know all the technical vocabulary necessary to find these resources on the current site.

We are also proud of the scraping technology so that we could populate our database with real service resources from the Knoxville/Knox County area.

What we learned

The four people that had never met before with wildly different skillsets can come together to accomplish a common goal to help others.

What's next for Knox ServicePoint

The next goal for our project is to implement non-shelter resources, proper favorite implementation with storage to a user account, and small UI tweaks.

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