We have written an application for the Windows Phone called Know Yo Note. We decided to write this application for two reasons. The first is because we had access to a Windows developer phone, and then decided to learn how to make an application for the Windows phone. The second reason is that we wanted to make an application that could help people learn or practice sight reading. Sight reading is a term in music for reading musical notation in real time. We have also added sound to help train your ear in music. Associating ear training with visuals will improve sight reading skills. Our game is quick but does demand some focus, similar to a game like 2048.
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Our app is a game for sight reading. The game displays a treble clef with a quarter note in a position. When the note is displayed the note is also played through the microphone. The user experiences the sight of the note and the sound of the note. At the bottom of the screen the user has four options for which note is displayed. Answering correctly gives the user more points. Answering incorrectly decrements the number of lives a user has. The user repeats the process until they run out of lives.

Features to consider. <\br> *Add sharp and flat notes *Add a timer for response time *Add color code for answers *Add chords *Add scales *Add a speed mode *Different instruments for the sound *Sound from the user

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