A NodeJS app that uses IBM Watson to analyze users' emotion through text with other APIs like Spotify to give user suggestions such as book reading, movie watching, and listening to music to improve or maintain their mood.

API used:

  1. Watson Tone Analyzer
  2. Google Books API
  3. OMDB Movie API
  4. Spotify Music API

NPM Packages:

  1. Express
  2. Body-parser
  3. Request

View Engine:

  1. Ejs

Front-end Framework

  1. Semantics-UI
  2. Hover.css
  3. Animate.css
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posted an update

I remember one of my dreams in my childhood was to let computers to understand my emotion. This app makes my dream come true. It is able to know my emotions just by a simple sentence. Furthermore, it will recommend movies and music that matches my current feeling. Great app!

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