Solution is focused around gathering the most important intel about pandemic of COVID-19 and state regulations in the clean, calming and structured way from different government sources in one place. A place where fake news, politics and unimportant opinion is excluded. All citizens, residents and even tourists can get the most important information they need in a rapidly changing national situation.

Imagine an average resident who woke up and found out from media about pandemic, deaths, border closures, strict state regulations. Should he believe it? Should he act immediately? What should he take care of? The solution acts as one trustworthy place where users can get brief overview about situation and all-important things, he should know which are gathered from different Board sites. Just in less than 5 minutes, users know what has happened, how to protect themselves and how to act.

Main purpose is only to show mandatory and critically important information without overwhelming users with regulations in law, medical terminology or scientific details.

Web menu is divided into 4 sections with different features: • Current situation - which covers fresh statistic about COVID-19 pandemic and useful links to corona map; how to protect yourself and people around you; • Covid19 - Everything you need to know about the virus itself. How to prevent it and what are the symptoms. • Contacts - Useful contacts in urgent state to get the most accurate information. • Useful links - Place to find the latest state regulations, health board recommendations, how to manage stress and everything what conscious resident should know about.

Clearly each local situation is different, but our solution is built on a design/code system and can be easily adapted for any country, region or even city specific needs (scalability) in just 2 days of work (Validated). Its complete well-rounded system which only acquires linking with APIs and colour reskin if needed.

Value proposition: • Up-to-date statistics about COVID-19 confirmed cases, deaths & recovered. • Information about virus itself, its prevention and symptoms. • Important contacts in period of pandemic. • State regulations and other necessary information for citizens.

Customer problem and pain points: A new and unknown disease COVID-19 outbreak has hit the whole world with 212 countries affected, 1 436 198 confirmed cases and 85 522 deaths at a time of writing on 9th, April 2020. Almost every country wasn’t ready, and communication lacked. • At the time there was no web environment (at least in Estonia) which would provide comprehensive and up-to-date overview of pandemic (COVID-19). • A trustworthy environment which would collect the most important information about state regulations from different government resources. • There were cases with fake news which increased panic level amongst citizens. • People wanted to know where to call to get relevant information, so they won’t overbook emergency number 112 with calls. • As everything was mostly in Estonian, foreign citizen had problems with getting informed.

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