The biggest problem with education in undeveloped countries is academic planning and education outlines for teachers to provide students.

What it does

Our app interconnects teachers from all around the world willing to submit academic plans that could benefit students elsewhere that do not have the option for higher educational material.

How we built it

With the use of Android Studio, Firebase and Java. We were able to implement an app to connect these teachers with new challenging material for their students.

Challenges we ran into

While Android Studio and Firebase were new to us, we were able to push through the Advil and coffee to code in the back and push an app out front. Luckily we all have a background in Java and with Android studio's streamlined work flow, we were able to get where we are this morning.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The apps outcome is something to be happy about on its own. But the drive we needed to pull through and weave in and out of problem solving and concept change really showed us how a team can change a product in great ways.

What we learned

We can all easily say that we learned something with this project. We've needed to implement some Java code that was new to our scope, and the app front was a new environment that we were able to create, have fun and learn at the same time.

What's next for KnowMore

KnowMore has a future with language translation software and one on one mentoring and training for teachers in undeveloped countries to connect with world-wide education. No language barriers, to aid in teachers having broader content to teach a willing classroom of their own.

It was very difficult for our team to choose one specific developing region. This app has the potential to help every developing region with the societal problem that is education. This product has a bright future for sharing education to all parts of the world.

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