Fun games tend to distract us from studying, and fun learning games are hard to come by, so we considered a different approach to the problem by limiting the desire to surf social sites and stay more productive and focused on one's work. The app also integrates a clever advertisement scheme in the form of study breaks that suggest local businesses to stop by for coffee, a snack or a meal.

What it does

The app simulates the growth of the garden of knowledge by having the user stay present in the app as a plant of their choice grows with their understanding of their material. At the end of the set study time the user can add thier plant(flower) to their garden and share it with their friends. The incentive is to nurture the plant, watch it grow and enjoy the beauty of a garden that the user put in the time to grow themselves. The app offers tips and help in the topic of choice using IBM's bluemix platform

How we built it

We split up the labor into two parts. Front end and back end. The front end was done in the Unity game design engine using c# scripting. The web server back-end was written with the jscript plug-in on the IBM Bluemix platform. The back-end also utilizes Cloudant No SQL DB and the Retrieve and Rank utility.

Challenges we ran into

As you might notice only two names were listed in the group name above, there was to be one more, but a medical emergency naturally took precedence. This fact coupled with a IBM sized learning curve proved not so stressful as much as disappointing. Given more time we had hoped to add many more features including statistics on study habits and collaborative studying and rewards from businesses for clocking in hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud that despite the odds we were able to roll out a rough mock-up of what the app might look like and we that we were able to really polish our ideas to have a clear end goal. Given a bigger team or more time, we might have made it.

What we learned

Throughout this project we got a great introduction to BlueMix and interfacing with databases which we never had the opportunity to work with before.

What's next for LooseLeaf

LooseLeafis a good idea, and given the right amount of time and effort will be able to bloom.

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