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A search engine made just for programmers

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Why KnowledgeNotFound?

Find answers fast. Tired of scrolling through pages and pages of documentation, looking through GitHub issues, and getting your questions marked as duplicate on StackOverflow? Does your brain now hurt because you couldn't solve that one bug? We've all been there, and that's the we've created KnowledgeNotFound.

WTH? Why don't I just use Google???

In comparison to KnowledgeNotFound, we beleive that Google is inefficient with dealing with some programing problems. It is true that it works well for most problems, some problems just take longer to solve then they should. With KnowledgeNotFound, you can get your results summarizared and sorted in an optimal order. Instead of scrolling through pages of documentation, looking though StackOverflow question after StackOverflow question, it's all right there for you, on one page.

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