KnowledgeBytes is an open-source educational infrastructure to learn anything! You simply enter a search term and the code will give you a summary and related topics.

More importantly, KnowledgeBytes was designed to be easy to build upon so others can:

  • Use it for your own product!
  • Create a quiz game
  • Their next Hackathon idea!
  • Add new data sources like Knowledge Graphs
  • Make a mobile app
  • Use it in the classroom


Inspired by everyone's Wikipedia rabbit holes. KnowledgeBytes was motivated to build an expandable backend infrastructure for accessible learning.

How we made it:

Built using:

  • Python 3+
  • Flask
  • Azure Text Analytics
  • Azure CustomVision
  • Aylien Text Analytics
  • Wikipedia
  • WolframAlpha

How it works

The KnowledgeBytes API accepts a search string or image url and will scrape Wolfram Alpha + Wikipedia for relevant information. The data is cleaned then processed by Aylien's Text Summarization API and Azure Text Analytics API. The cleaned data is returned back as JSON data.

Returning JSON allows KnowledgeBytes to used with any solution. Create an educational game! Mobile Quiz app! KnowledgeBytes is open source and licensed for commercial use to help others bring the next awesome solution for accessible education to all.

KowledgeBytes also supports searching for a topic using an image. Found something cool you want to learn about? Share the image URL and we will pass that data over to Azure's CustomVision classifier so we can help you learn more about it!

Current features

Currently, KnowledgeByte supports the following types of search terms and summaries:

  • Animals
  • Cities
  • Planets
  • People

It also supports the following types of image searches using Azure CustomVision:

  • About 20 different animals
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