My team is rethinking how we document internal knowledge, so I've had knowledge bases on the brain lately. When I saw eazydocs-block, I realized that Airtable's custom blocks could be the perfect platform for my very own app — one that combines the best aspects of many other knowledge management apps.

What it does

KnowledgeBlock makes it easy to share your team's knowledge and keep it up-to-date as your projects evolve. You can review your team's collective knowledge, add to it, flag outdated content, ask questions, and answer others' questions.

How I built it

I used Airtable's custom blocks SDK, React, and a number of other fun JavaScript libraries, like TinyMCE and Dragula.

Challenges I ran into

  • I let some things get a bit messy and inconsistent as the codebase grew — like use of React context vs. prop drilling, or use of the various ways the custom blocks SDK lets you apply styling.
  • It seemed that the RecordCardList component wouldn't render cards reliably, so I eventually switched to rendering an array of CardList components instead.
  • I realized late in the process that there's no way to disable the Confirm button in a ConfirmationDialog.

Accomplishments I'm proud of

  • Designing and building everything in a fairly short amount of time.

What I learned

  • The custom blocks SDK makes building apps really easy! 😅

What's next for KnowledgeBlock

I'm hopeful that people will be interested in trying and improving upon KnowledgeBlock. This project just scratched the surface of what's possible.

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