Knowledge Storm is a mobile brainstorming tool that brings together varied sources of information in an intelligent way. It combines your locally stored correspondence with various internet information sources such as Reuters Knowledge online reports, fundamentals, and significant developments.

A storm is composed of a number of cuttings, nuggets of intelligent information, from a given source such as an SMS. When you are interested in doing some research around a topic you add its corresponding cutting to the storm or create a note in which you can enter keywords or a passage of text. The Cloud Engine then goes to work for you rapidly identifying and suggesting related correspondence and internet information sources relevant to your topic. You are then able to refine your storm by adding and removing suggested items, and altering the weighting given to each item by intuitive drag-and-drop reordering.

This application has been invented, designed, and implemented by Martin Long and Andy Boura in the eight week period prior to submission, this has been fitted in addition to our full time work as Thomson Reuters employees and parents of young families. Knowledge Storm is already a powerful research tool; however due to time restrictions we have barely scratched the surface of the potential information sources that could be included in the CloudEngine framework we have developed. Within the Reuters Knowledge APIs there are untapped datasets and the internet offers many more. The drill-in exposes additional information however it is envisaged that it could also contain sub-cuttings allowing you to bring more specific detail into your storm. There are also significant possibilities in terms of the sharing of storms with other users, integration with other Thomson Reuters products directly, or indirectly through the use of the engine and concepts invented.

Using the following TRKD API's:
  • Reuters Online Reports for Financial News & Pictures
  • Market-wide Significant Developments Updates
  • Company Fundamentals Data
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