The inspiration behind this to provide a single platform for all kinds of readers while being special and distinctive for all.

What it does

Presently, Knowledge store is space where people can modify the book shelf according to their wish. People can request additional books on any category. These contributions will enhance their personal space on this website.

How we built it

Knowledge Store is built on Visual studio code using HTML (Hyper text markup language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor).

Challenges we ran into

The prominent challenge that I came across was deploying the website on Google Cloud and to get a domain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This project is build from scratch in a single day. Accomplishment would surely include how beautiful the website came out created by a first timer in such a short period of time

What we learned

This is my first hackathon: I learned how to build a website from scratch, How to get domain names, How to have fun and be productive in hackathons.

What's next for Knowledge Store

Knowledge Store will include free e-books and book review section in near future. Hoping to launch this web-app on cloud platform.

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