We wanted to create something to solve the lack of availability of knowledge in the world

What it does

You enter a word and it outputs a definition for it (want to add much more but 24 hours is not nearly enough time to implement everything that we want to add)

How I built it

We used an arduino 101 with 4 grove kit buttons and a grove kit lcd for the hardware side, and used the official arduino IDE for the software and programming side

Challenges I ran into

An array was not acting how I wanted it to, getting the lcd to work was a pain, installing the libraries for the arduino 101 took about an hour, taking away from our time, it was hard to find a way to mount the buttons and display effectively so they could be used in a cognitive manner

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting a cursor to appear over letters and disappear when moved away from them, dealing with the lack of a full keyboard to input text by manually selecting letters with directional keys, manually inputting every single word included in the project for presenting

What I learned

We had never written my own code for an arduino before this. We learned how to interface with basic grove components and figured everything out by using one example program. We also learned some of the most common words in the English language

What's next for knowledge kiosk

We will continue to add features to the knowledge kiosk over time like a translator, more complete button interface, better display, possible integration with a raspberry pi, etc.

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