With finals coming up, we thought it would be a great idea to create a tool that can benefit the user in managing their time as well as their stress. We’re no stranger to cramming and stressing when it comes to finals so why not treat your mental health and give “Knowledge College: A+ Studying, A+ Finals” a try?

What it does:

Features: Flashcards, Spaced Revision, Study Music, Pomodoro Timer

Our website is a study tool that students can use when they are having a hard time studying for finals, experiencing “writer's block”, procrastinating or even losing motivation during those intense weeks. Some of its features include a “flashcards” feature, “spaced revision”, “study music” tab, and a “Pomodoro Timer”.

  • The flashcards feature allows one to practice terms we may need to be familiar with such as definitions or equations that need to be memorized. This is also an eco-friendly alternative to using paper and a feature that can be used on phones, tablets and computers. The goal for this feature is to have an organized set of virtual cards to practice on.
  • The spaced revision feature is a more efficient way to study. This feature allows studying to happen over an extensive period of time, with less cramming! Scheduling short review sessions with longer periods in between each session is proven to help one retain info better. This feature calculates all the dates and times for you.
  • The study music feature is more of a destressing part of the studying experience. It allows for your brain and mind to calm down and be more in touch with your body as your ears start to embrace the calming melodies of classical orchestras or instrumental covers of popular songs. This can also serve as a break from your studying while practicing techniques like the pomodoro time management skill.
  • The Pomodoro Timer feature helps students divide their study period of 25 minute intervals and 5 minute breaks. This feature allows students to improve their time management skills. With this technique students are able to practice healthy studying skills that prevent burnout from intense studying.

How we built it:

Using Bootstrap (HTML, CSS) and hosting the website on Github

Challenges we ran into:

  • Figuring out how to set up a collaborative workspace; ultimately ended up settling on Github desktop
  • Time constraints
  • New to html, css, etc.
  • Difficulty in debugging code

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

  • Figuring out Github and hosting a website on it
  • Figuring out how to collaborate on github and push and pull commits
  • Learning languages in the span of a few hours

What we learned

  • Using Git to collaborate
  • Familiarizing ourselves with Visual Studio Code
  • How to create and host a website on github
  • Communication, its importance, and enhancing it
  • Teamwork, its importance
  • examples of teamwork: sharing helpful resources, troubleshooting problems together,

What's next for Knowledge College: A+ Studying, A+ Finals

  • Creating a navigation bar across all pages
  • Creating a template for pages
  • Finishing spaced revision calculator
  • Sending study notifications to phone/email
  • Allowing user to decided if they feel they need more or less revision on a specific topic
  • Putting user topics into individual profiles
  • Implementing CSS to make the pages user friendly
  • Getting feedback from users and potential suggestions (study tips/ tools) that they like to use themselves over than the ones we have provided.

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