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We as a team know how serious the current Covid-19 situation is. So, we wanted to make sure everyone can understand the basic terms that they hear on the news about the virus by creating a quiz. There are also questions regarding hygienic rules. What it does Our app selects 10 random questions from the question pool and asks them to the player. If they get it right, they receive 1 point. There are 4 possible answers for every question and only 1 of them is correct. In the end, it shows your score. We also have a small box in the corner that displays your current score as you progress. How we built it
We first wanted to use unity to create this game however, we found it was much easier to use swift and XCode as an IDE. We first designed the UI interface after, we made a function to track the score, and finally, we prepared the questions. Every round the app selects 10 random questions from the question pool to ask the player. Challenges we ran into We faced several challenges during this project: 1- Score counter. The score counter in the top right corner was by far the hardest thing in this project. We spent a good couple hours trying to code the function. In the end, we were able to get it to work.

2- Getting used to swift. We are both proficient coders however both of us didn't have so much experience. Thanks to our teamwork and our combined efforts we did a great job. 3- Reliable information Since we were making an educational game, we had to make sure the facts were correct and reliable. So, we decided to consult doctors and use information from trusted sources.

                                                     Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are very proud of the overall quality of the questions. They are informative and have interesting answers. We are also very proud of the interface it serves our needs just fine. Overall, we are pretty happy with our project. What we learned First of all, we learned lots of new facts about the coronavirus. We considerably improved our skills with Swift and XCode. We also learned how hackathons work as this was our very first one. Thanks to this project we are very eager to participate in other hackathons. This was a new and very unique experience for both of us. What's next for Knowledge Check Surprisingly, we are pretty ambitious to further develop our app. We want to make an online feature where there will be a leaderboard. That way the app would be more competitive and engaging. We aim to increase the question count and variety. Most importantly, we want to ask questions in different ways like filling the blanks or small puzzles related to the coronavirus pandemic.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME -Ege Aydemir - Aykan Örsçelik

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