Know Good News

Play as a news editor and swipe left and right on articles to publish.

Each round you only have a certain # of minutes to build a journal of articles.

  • Each release should have between 5-10 articles.
  • After you reach the minimum you can either release
  • If you don't reach the minimum by the end of the time limit the journal gets sent out

Journal Releases

  • Depending on the overall credibility of the articles in the journal and the mix of article types it will affect
    • Readers who really like it, meaning the credibility is high enough and there's a good amount of articles matching their interests, they might get another reader to join
    • Those who dislike the article, meaning little to no articles matching their interests and bad credibility, might leave
  • If the user fails to meet the minimum there will be a hit on their profits and reader rate
  • Each release affects the company's credibility, profits, readers and stats of the different categories


  • Each article has an author, credibility rating, cost, and main category
    • If the category matches on of the authors specialty then the article will have better credibility and a higher cost
  • Categories:
    • Science
    • Politics
    • Health
    • Sports
    • Food
    • Tech

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