Living near Washington D.C., there's always many cool events happening nearby. The problem is, there's no good way to keep track of these events, and other times it's difficult to find many events. knowgo is a Yik Yak inspired social media app for finding such upcoming events happening near you.

What it does

Users can create their own events with a website form and view a list of events created by other users. The fields to fill in for an event are Title, Location, Start Date and Start Time, End Date and End Time and a Description.These events can be upvoted or downvoted are sorted by an algorithm based on upvotes, distance to the event, time since the event was posted, and time until it starts.

How we built it

Website is built on html & css. Javascript is used to save event data that users enter and save it in Firebase as well as retrieve the event data to display it to users.

Challenges we ran into

Dan had never used Firebase before so he had to learn how to use it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Google Maps API is used as well to make it easier to enter locations and calculate distances between users and events. If the website is on a mobile phone, the events displayed are scaled properly to the screen.

What we learned

Dan learned how to use Firebase, bootstrap, and JQuery.

What's next for knowgo

Make an app.

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