As a small kid, we always wondered to which cartoon character we resemble the most. So, we made The Sorting Hat. Personality of a person has a direct relation with what he likes or what he will choose.So we design this The Sorting Hat that tells you what your loved ones want on there birthdays by analysing their personality and interests.

What it does

You send the link to your friend/family and then they have to answer a few basic questions like name, age, and some #personality-based questions. According to their answers,the machine learning model which is already trained at back end will predict what to gift your friend and according to the personality name of a cartoon character is predicted and is shown on the user's screen and you will get an email in which a predicted gift is mentioned according to our sorting hat. Well, Well, here is the big secret of our sorting hat the person who uses the sorting hat to fill details of his/her will not get to know that you are receiving a mail regarding the gift according to their personality.It will be a simple personality based cartoon character predictor quiz for them and you can surprise them with their favorite gift on their birthdays.

How we built it

We first collected the data set of different aged people with different interests and personalities. Then we trained a machine learning model on that data that would predict what gift they want. We used hierarchical Clustering first on data to group it and then we applied ExtraTreeClassifier algorithm on our data.Then using that model we predicted the Gifts . we Created an AWS EC2 instance and we made an html page on that instance hosted by Apache2 server. Which will take Inputs from the user and predict the Gifts using our ML model.

What we learned

  • Learnt how to use Lasso-Lars Algorithm
  • Learned how to choose the best fit algorithm for our model
  • Making virtual machine using AWS EC2 Services
  • Making an Html page .
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