Our team and I wanted to create a product that would address an area of social good and education. Specifically, with the 2020 presidential election coming up, we were inspired to create a solution to today's problematic political climate. It is no secret that young voters do not take advantage of their voting rights (especially in critical elections), and we wanted to devise a solution to the recurring dilemma of low voter engagement. And what better way to appeal to the youth than to make an app?

In terms of the UI/UX, our team was inspired by ...Tinder. We wanted to emulate the quality user engagement with the app in our own project to appeal to a younger demographic. In our web app, users can swipe right or left on the agenda of political candidates which they agree or disagree with. In the end, users are "matched" with the candidate that best aligns with their beliefs. However, we ensured that users are not exposed to bias when swiping by eliminating the candidates' names and pictures.

We built this web app using HTML and CSS elements for the front-end development. Additionally, we used JavaScript components for the back-end development. While the basic structure and aesthetic design were created using HTML and CSS, the swiping feature and matching process are all completed using JavaScript.

We faced several challenges throughout the process of creating our project. First, not everyone on our team was familiar with JavaScript, so it was difficult to work through issues we faced with our code. Also, we had trouble with some of the more tedious styling components of our web app. However, despite being pushed out of our comfort zones, we were able to create a viable prototype.

We learned how to collaborate as a team and understand that failure is just another vital part to this process. However, our failures have shown us what we like and dislike about our project so we can build upon it for the future. We intend on making Know Your Vote 2.0 a mobile app in the future for both iOS and Android devices. We even have ideas to incorporate hardware into the product by implementing a joystick to complete the swiping motions.

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