Our objective is to assemble a web app that helps educate people to learn more about their potential neighborhoods. For example, learning the neighborhood’s Affordability, Job Availability, school’s education system, and the crime rates.


To build a web app that lessons the hassle of people moving to new neighborhoods.


Our Inspiration was that one of our team members had recently moved to a new town. At that time, they didn't know the neighborhood as well and was looking for the cheapest option. However, little did they know it wasn't the best option. Throughout the years, they were flooded with drunkards in front of their house in the middle of the night. Seemingly, their taxes were put to waste; the streets were filled with holes; the school districts weren't the finest.

How we built it:

We used HTML/CSS in order to develop the structure of the site while giving the touch of JS in order to make it work more remotely. We used the API from Google Cloud Platform in order for the users to use a map on our website regarding what neighborhood they are satisfied with.

Challenges we ran into:

Due to a lack of familiarity with front-end development, we watched several youtube videos and implemented the knowledge gained from the attended workshops during the hackathon in order to get done with "know your neighborhood" project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Accomplishments we are proud of is that we created a website at our FIRST Hackathon. We used Html, CSS, and Javascript and learned them within just two days

What we learned:

-Learning new coding languages

-Familiarize ourselves for the first time with HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create language.

-Came to appreciate the usefulness of GitHub

What's next for Know Your Neighborhood:

-More locations

-More Statistical Data

-Expand accessibility

Team Members

Project Manager: Hassan Amjad, Queens College

Back-End: Qamar Din, Queens College

Front-End: Ammad Jawed, Queens College

Back-End: Adnaan Syed, Macaulay Brooklyn(First time working with html, java)

Front-End: Haseeb Khan, Macaulay Brooklyn(First time working with html, java )

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