In a world full of smart devices to track the amount of steps you take, the amount of water you drink and how to optimize your sleep, there is one domain where monitoring and controlling your health seems to be absent. The young couple that drinks detox smoothies with kale and spinach in the morning goes to house parties in the evening, just to binge drink away all the good efforts from before in rounds of beer pong, flunky ball and rage cage. While many health experts would recommend to not play drinking games at all, we think this is not a real option, so the best option is to make it fun to know your limit. This is where our app comes in to offer a healthy alternative to these games which is just as much fun.

What it does

In an Android App, the players can compete against each other. The rules are simple: Since you still want to have fun (and beer) the goal is to drink as much as possible, while still staying within your limits. Each round the App gives the Players a specific limit. They place their drink on our custom made scale and then the weight is recorded. The goal for the player is now to drink as much as they can, since each milliliter they drink gives them points. Then they put their drink back on the scale. If they drank less than the limit everything is fine, they get points and a new limit for the next person is calculated. If they exceed the limit though (100 ml i.e.) they loose the game and the other players can play on without the reckless drinker (just like exceeding your limit in real life).

How I built it

We used a simple load cell and connected it to an Arduino with a small analog-digital converter. After calibrating the scale we then send the measured weights to the Android App via USB-OTG to determine if the players know their limits.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Know Your Limit

In a future version (possibly still in this hackathon) we will include an online Multiplayer Mode to connect people from all over the world with each other to share a responsible drinking game. ;)

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