How Many of us know who our local MP is, even if we know his name, do we really know what kind of person he is other than the propaganda which the parties have spread about the candidates. Do we know anything about the competition that he has had. Apart from that we all have our favorite brands, business leaders sportsmen whom we have as our idols and follow the lessons from them, we can gain deeper insights about them with the help our application.

How it works

Any Content about the leader, from the party site, from his wikipedia profile maybe best of all his social media profiles from where he posts. We can create a complete profile of his personality and let people see the kind of person that they are backing for.

Challenges I ran into

Crawling twitter data. Pooling the list of Indian MPs. Understanding the text analysis and mining internally to see if we are really getting the kind of insights that we want.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Doing something that will be widely useful in real world and the potential to make to make a difference.

What I learned

Its much more important to do things that you believe in rather than doing something for the sake of it.

What's next for Know Your Leaders

Make a full fledged Dash board for the people to see their leaders, add sections for the leader bio, his social media feed.

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