In this day and era of the Internet, we are still lazy to research a particular thing, even though it can be done easily with the device known as a Mobile phone in your pocket. The problem is, Most of us don’t know who all are, the elected representatives from our constituency. Also, we are not that excited to Google them up, ‘coz we all have that frog of laziness.

What it does

Takes your current location or the location you have typed and retrieves all the Government officials in a hierarchy with respect to that location. from President to your local county officials. Not only in your region or county but any part of the entire United States. For any U.S. residential address, you can look up who represents that address at each elected level of government and not only that but we make use of Google Civic API to show clickable links of government officials' office addresses, email, and communication channels like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Youtube.

In addition to the above features, we also show real-time news stories about particular candidates. Which can help you to research about that particular candidate?

How we built it

  • Firing up Android studio
  • Designing wireframes and custom layouts.
  • Designing the best possible UI while focusing on User Experience.
  • Embedding that Material Design with our App
  • Researching about various APIs Google Cloud Platform offers.
  • Geocoding and Reverse geocoding.
  • Parsing the JSON
  • Displaying the data.
  • Making queries to Google Civic API
  • Fetching and showing data and (ERRROR HANDLLING!) 🛑
  • Fetching news by querying news API.
  • Updating news in real-time with that 🤪 CardView

Challenges we ran into

It was hard to come up with the idea adhering to the theme because we wanted to make use of this hackathon to make something for social good. Figuring out Google cloud APIs and creating API_TOKEN. Parsing JSON while keeping eye 👀 on API daily rate limit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made an android app focused on User Experience with custom shapes and keeping aesthetic in mind. We made a really complex app and it works. Error handling was done properly.

What we learned

Various Google Cloud products and their effectiveness. Android Studio, Version Control, and Github.

What's next for Know Your Government

We are planning to add more features to enhance the User Experience and accessibility.

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