Computer Science is a vast field and there are a plethora of domains to explore with in this discipline. Lately a lot of juniors have been asking me about how to choose their particular interests within Computer Science and inspired by various career counseling tools we have available online, I decided to solve this problem statement with an interactive interface such as a Chat Bot.

What it does

It asks you few questions and matches your preferences and profile attributes with that of pre-selected roles such as Software Developer, Data Scientist and such.

How I built it

The interface is a FB Messenger Bot and the conversational skills are powered by Amazon Lex and AWS Lambda Function.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding how to map these attributes with a suitable role.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am able to create a Proof of Concept of a "Simple", "Easy to Use" ChatBot which serves it purpose graciously.

What I learned

I learnt FaceBook Messenger API, Amazon Lex and strengthened my understanding of using Lambda Functions in AWS.

What's next for Know Your Dream Career

Make it powered by Machine Learning models and extend to domains outside Computer Science.

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