Our website name Know Your Chicken was inspired by our pod name, the Fried Chickens, and also from Cibo Matto song

What it does

On the homepage, we showcase our beautifully hand designed team members profile pictures. Clicking on each profile picture that we beautifully hand designed brings you to each team members portfolio. In each members portfolio page we have sections for about, education, work, hobbies, and map of places We also have a page for our collective hobbies as well. In this page we have a navbar which can take you to individual hobbies of each team member.

How we built it

For collaboration: We used Github, Discord Tech stack: Flask and Jinja for backend, HTML CSS, JS for structure and styling

Challenges we ran into

Learning Flask and Jinja Team collaboration, especially splitting of tasks, and correctly using Github workflow

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to meet all the project requirements We learned and stretched ourselves with the use of Flask and Jinja (achieving data and front end separation, and minimized repeated code We followed best practices including Github project, issues, branching and merging

What's next for Know Your Chicken

Actually puting our real information in, instead of dummy info! Onboard new members (cause we can do that easily with how our code is structured) And also work make our collective hobbies page more fancy

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