Successful advertisements rarely succeed through calls to action. Instead, they create positive memories and feelings that influence our behavior over time to encourage us to buy something at a later date. These advertisements not only influence your clothing choice but also who you vote in. It is getting incrementally important for users to be informed about how over the time they are being targeted so that they can be mindful of it, especially when such advertisements also affect the candidacy of our policy makers. It is in important tool to understand the narratives that are being inflicted upon us.

What it does

The chrome extension gives you weekly analytics on your advertisers -- how many times you have seen their ad, on which platforms did you see them, and their interest growth in you.

How I built it

After a few hours of foraging through the network logs, I reverse engineered facebook's API endpoint to find info about the advertisers and the ads. I then created a chrome extension that dynamically collected these details by extending native XHR and intercepting \graphql requests. An Idle data collector sends the data from the content script to the background script to store the data in local storage. Popup screen makes requests to get the data using a similar websocket connection.


The tool can be used to measure political polarity of the feed by checking out how many ads you see from politicians from both the aisles.

Next Milestones:

Include weekly graphs. Make similar parser for google.

Open Source Contributors!!!!

In no way, is this project completed. If you're passionate about this idea and bringing it to the masses, you can contribute to the open-source project. View GitHub Project

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