Laura is a good person and tries her best to get good karma by her side by being a responsible citizen. Global warning and climate change does concern her, but the pleasant sight of rainier every day from her apartment in Bellevue makes it difficult for her to think this could all actually be true. So recycling, washing her car in her driveway and dumping harmful waste once in a while seems to not be such a sin to her. However one day, Laura downloaded this weird sounding app called "Know ur Zip". She was shocked, perplexed and unhappy with herself for a few minutes, but it dint last too long. She could see what she was doing wrong and how she could fix it in all this weird looking app. Moreover the best part was, she was constantly kept posted about the "good karma" events happening in her community. That once in a while binges she had, when she dint recycle, washed her car near the storm drains or left her leaky pipe running for a few weeks, were all things of the past. Thanks to Know ur Zip, Laura is truly now the responsible citizen she always thought she was. Everyone lived happily ever after!!!

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