Currently all the different platforms and websites have their own methods for dealing with harassment but don't communicate with other platforms to see if users with the same username are causing trouble. Although not everyone with the same username on a different site is the same actual user, many users do reuse usernames between websites.

What it does

Our website allows for the creation and viewing of reports of harassment. It also allows registered users to flag reports for admin review. Users can delete their own reports and Admins are able to delete all reports.

How we built it

html with php with a mysql database

Challenges we ran into

*Creating the specific functionality for admin users and having that be different from standard users.

*Running out of time before adding all the functionality that we had planned on having

Accomplishments that we're proud of

*Having a basic working website for reporting and viewing reports.

*Having some more advanced functionality such as allowing users to flag reports and being able to delete their own reports.

*Allowing admins to view flagged reports and take the appropriate action.

What we learned

*There's never enough time to accomplish all the things that you want to get accomplished.

*One of the partners had never really worked with php or mysql before so they had quite a steep learning curve.

What's next for Know Thy Enemy

Adding the ability to make API calls in order for other websites and games to have access to the database.

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