We were fed up with going to Hillman only for there to be no tables left or to the Pete with all the weights in use. We wanted a way to know how busy the library or gym would be before we went there. Now we know!

What it does

Know Now estimates how busy various buildings on campus are based on how many devices are connected to the network. We scan subnetworks to approximate the number of individuals in a location.

Challenges I ran into

Displaying the data collected from the Raspberry Pi proved to be a challenge. Graphically illustrating a measure of human traffic, or "busyness", was difficult because we needed a simple graphic that conveyed a lot of information in a short amount of time. Overall we are confident that the data we are displaying is capable of fulfilling our goal of quickly letting people know how busy their destination is.

What's next for Know Now

While our proof of concept website displays data for Hillman Library, we want to expand our service into displaying data for areas around campus as well. In the long term, we also want to add support for collections of locations such as buildings and categories of activities (i.e. libraries, gyms, public spaces).

Available on web, iOS, and Android

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