It is hard for fans to access influencers. It is hard for influencers to generate revenue directly from a fanbase.

What it does

We allow fans to ask for and receive personalized responses from influencers for a small fee

  • For the fans, we provide a simple form in which they can pose their questions.
  • For the influencers, we provide a simple inbox in which they can manage and answer questions posed to them.
  • We do this through a unique url that influencers can display on their social media profiles ## How we built it React, Stripe, Typeform ## Challenges we ran into Deciding on the market and idea. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of The timeline in which were able to put together the project. ## What's next for Release through personal networks
  • Upsell opportunities to those fans - continue the conversation, generate personal content, etc.
  • Upsell opportunities to influencers - referral bonuses, rewards for providing higher quality answers
  • Identify paying customers within your fanbase
  • CRM for content creators and influential figures

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