We came to nwHacks with the common goal to hack a scalable application for social good. As a group who has had their fair share of experiences working alongside children with special needs, we tried our best to identify ways that we could enhance and support their learning, in ways that the traditional education system could not.

Problems we tackled include:

  • How to keep track of students when special needs teachers have such high turn over rates
  • Traditional paper documents don't record all necessary information needed for the future teachers to ease students into the adjustment process
  • Data should be inputted by both teachers and parents
  • Confidentiality of information
  • Predicting behaviours of children based on given data
  • Improving community based on growth and need for support

What it does

  • Easily accessible web app designed with clean interface for parents and teachers to pass on necessary information
  • Built in personality survey along with many fields with input that could be adjusted according to the needs of the children
  • Open platform for teachers and parents to collaborate and empower student's personal and academic growth
  • Users protected with unique student IDs
  • Machine learning with 2-Class Support Vector Machine (Accuracy: > 0.8)
  • Machine learning improves with increasing data inputs

How We built it

  • Microsoft Azure Web App
  • Microsoft Azure SQL server
  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
  • Microsoft Virtual Machine for Visual Studio;)
  • ASP.NET web app connected to SQL Database
  • AJAX
  • Lots and lots of designing
  • Crying over JavaScript & jQuery
  • Absolutely incredible mentors <3

Challenges we ran into

  • Designing the entire database
  • Connecting database back and forth with front-end
  • Training machine learning data to improve accuracy

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Tackled an issue that was important to us
  • Set up the infrastructure and foundation of a system that actually solves a real problem
  • Built fully functioning web app
  • We did it!

What we learned

  • The communication that must happen within a full stack environment
  • JS is on the client-side while SQL is on the server-side so we need a middleman to bridge the two

What's next for Know Me

  • Getting users input data to generate network effect and train our machine learning models
  • Deploying to mobile for user accessibility
  • Conducting more user research
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