There has always been a language barrier and there will continue to be one. We try to remove that by using translation services so a Viewer can ask a Twitch Broadcaster a question in their native language and the broadcaster can understand it.

What it does

The broadcaster initially sets up the configuration, setting their language and a knowledgebase of Questions with answers. These QnA combos help the extension answer some questions automatically.

The viewer is then presented with a page in which they can ask a question in their own language. The question is translated, the knowledgebase searched and as a result we can either give the viewer an answer or relay the question asked to the broadcaster.

How we built it

Each member of the team took a component, like AWS Polly, or AWS Translate and built their own service around this. The lead was then tasked with creating a coordinator to get these separate tasks communicating.

Challenges we ran into

Time, with the team having full-time jobs or studies it was fairly difficult getting us all on the same page until almost the final week.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a working extension usable by any broadcaster. This extension is not restricted by the channel it's hosted on. We believe we have achieved a production we consider to be more than our initial MVP (minimal viable product) goals.

What we learned

Mixing technologies, experiences, timezones and langauges being a multi-national team is never an easy task, especially with the time constraints of each team member.

What's next for ATAM

Improve interaction between config, dashboard and the panel. Improve backend reliability and make sure all services are correctly scaled and scalable.

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