Inspiration We wanted to design an app using the Internet of Things. Parking on campus is notoriously terrible for all that are involved, so we decided to combine the two and made this project!

What it does Determines if there are available parking spots around Stony Brook campus real time, and can preform analysis on each spot to determine how long it has been currently open, and its parking trend over a long period of time.

How I built it We used a python based algorithm and Photoshop to determine if specific pixels from our raspberry-pi camera were being shown, and preformed pixel analysis between spots we placed on the ground. We then uploaded this information to our raspberry pi hosted server and then to the website we created.

Challenges I ran into. The vision algorithm was especially difficult to overcome, because of the exact nuances that went into the processing and differentiating between meaningful, and non-meaningful pixels. Also uploading our data to the server and updating the website real time was difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of. We successful processed an image from a camera, then uploaded that to a server, without computer vision or app development experience.

What I learned. That hard work really does pay off, and the power of a simple camera and a good idea.

What's next for Know Before You Go, We want to become the standard for Stony Brook parking, and we believe the app we made could help all on-campus drivers avoid the constant problems that occur from an everyday commute. We have some interesting plans with IR reflecting paint to take our model to the real world.

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