We want to make this app because it can be very helpful towards a social justice cause. It can inform people about other people’s religion, which they might otherwise not read or even know about. This can further advise people to not make remarks and offend people, regardless of them realizing what they said or not. We want to make people understand the world around them better especially because of where we live, the United States of America. Its one of the most diverse countries in the world, if not the most diverse. Even just here at this Hackathon, there’s people from so many different cultures. We want to be interesting and/or cool to know someone else’s religion, not to look down upon them because they’re different from yourself.

What it does

-On first startup of the app, you are greeted with a screen asking you to login/create an account and a scroll list with Upcoming events and News for all of the religions implemented into the app, you must login to choose what Religions to specifically follow and to take advantage of the other Personalization options.

-When on your feed/Home, Calendar, and your “Manage Account” page, you can swipe in from the left and choose between the aforementioned pages.

-When choosing a certain Religion, each Religion to have a home page where you can read about it (Background, History, their rituals, etc..)

-Opening the calendar lets you see any upcoming events, specially marked days, or any holidays for the different Religion feeds that you subscribed to/followed.

-As for the tests, you’ll be able to test your knowledge on different religions, you get to choose which ones to take the test on, and you can also take the full test which will combine many questions from the different religions.

How we built it

  • We brain-stormed on the requirements and what all needs to be convered under this project.
  • Worked upon getting the mockups ready.
  • We used android studio to start developing it.
  • We planned to use sqlite as database.

Challenges we ran into

  • We planned of building it as an android app though none of us in the team is familiar with android development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-To get an idea different than the ones already in place. -Team work. -Learned basics of android development over night. -Able to finish the basic functioning of the app.

What we learned

-Knowledge of android development. -Innovative thinking.

What's next for Know all

-Few parts are still left in the app to be worked upon. If developed with all our milestones decided, this app would definitely serve for good of people.

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