The Knovel React mobile app by the Elsevier team provides a simple way to interact with the NIST-JANAF Thermochemical table (NIST SRD 13) for both engineers and students.

What it does

With Knovel React, users can find substances by searching with either chemical name or chemical formula, visualize the data properties in both table and graph formats, make comparisons with up to 5 substances at a time, and conduct reaction calculations. With the reaction calculation capability, the user can select reactants and products and calculate the change in enthalpy, change in entropy, change in Gibbs free energy, and equilibrium constant.

What's next for Knovel React

We started the work on balancing out the reaction calculations using the Gauss elimination method for chemicals, and plan to submit this to the Apple iOS App store. We will also be evaluating additional NIST databases to add into this app.

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