Inspiration: Enable pioneering alumni to guide high school students from their alma mater access higher education opportunities.

What it does: Professionals (people who have job/internship/school offers) can post applications and opportunities that can be accessed by target audiences from specific geographic regions. Students can apply and access the resources by professionals on the website. College students (high school alumni) can help like-motivated students from their alma mater tackle these applications and help answer questions to bridge the understanding between high school and college expectations.

How we built it: We built this website using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Challenges we ran into: We have very little beginner coding experience, so it was difficult to translate our ideas from the dry erase board to an actual project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We found a way to help students from our high schools who have encountered the same challenges we overcame applying to college and finding jobs. We also learned HTML and CSS in the process!

What we learned: We learned HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, how to design a website with UI/UX in consideration, and what a hackathon is!

What's next for Knots & Bonds: Once the website is functional, we would like to make the website be useful to college students looking to navigate the professional life with the help of college alumni.

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