The tropical rainfall and landslides and floods in Bihar , Assam and Himachal pradesh has impacted lifes of the farmers and around 150 million people living there so we decided to solve this issue.

What it does

It predicts the rainfall percentage with the help of the pressure and temperature as inputs to the ai model.

How we built it

knoSoon was built using an Ml model where we used the datasets of weather and feed it to the trainer and carried oud out linear regression supervised learning on the model to predict the rainfall percentage as the output. we got the input pressure values using the google maps heatmaps library and geocoding.

Challenges we ran into

Team Management Divide roles and work Integration with API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have succesfully created the architecture adn design of out project. Every member of our team contributed and we now know team could do wonders.

What we learned

An Idea can change the world. In Team we can make it possible.

What's next for KnoSoon

Through KnoSoon user is able to detect the future Climatic change(Rainfall) prior and able to get notifications and alerts. We are providing our user an application where they can get data and take necessary prior actions.

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