What it does

An attempt to connect genomic data with humans and society. As genome sequencing improves and the cost is reduced, it will become more affordable for humans to understand themselves and those around them better. This app gives users the ability to create groups of people and share and compare DNA among those in the group.

How I built it

language of choice is coffeescript I use preact, its a replica of the react library API but more minimalistic. preact-slide, and preact-grid are my flagship open source components that I actively develop and maintain as opens source libraries, you can find them on npm. preact-grid is still in early beta and needs proper documentation.

Challenges I ran into

The genomelink api has no individual ids, its up to the third party to authenticate the genome to a particular user. This is not easy for anonymous surveying.

What I learned

I improved my ability to consider how an application can scale

What's next for knome

If you like where this project is going, give me a thumbs up and some appreciation of some sort and i will continue working on it in my free time!

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