In our project, we used the React-Webpack-TypeScript-Starter to build 3 games that aim to stimulate cognitive activity and analyze the users' performance as a preventive measure against neurodegenerative diseases and provide alternative solutions for treatments such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

The games approach the reaction, comprehension, and learning aspects of brain stimulation. The first game, Uso, uses HTML Canvas and tests the user's rapid eye movement across the screen as their right hand controls the mouse to follow the movement of the letters appearing on the screen while their left hand types the respective letters. Our second game Sudotype provides a randomized keyboard for a typing test that facilitates the user's short-time learning ability. Lastly, Stroop is a spinoff of the Stroop Effect and assesses the users on their comprehension and ability to quickly distinguish between the text displayed and the color of the text.

Our project tracks the user's performance over time and uses RechartsJS to graphically present their scores in comparison to the data for the general public. If we were to take this project further, we create a network that allows users to view their performance not only against the general public but also compared to their own demographic.

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