While brainstorming for ideas in the beginning, we kept finding that our concepts to implement crypto technology already existed in some flavor. Streaming service or ad replacement, chrome extension or a crypto exchange, multiple versions of each service exists. The missing link that we saw was a centralized location for the best available content so that a rookie can easily learn cryptocurrency, understand its benefits, make a wallet and even buy some coins. We wanted to help accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency at all user levels.

What it does

At this stage, KnoEx is a portal that links newcomers to the crypto world through articles, guides, courses, news aggregators, a crypto exchange and even a video game! The goal is to increase market adoption of cryptocurrency through educational resources as well as incentivizing users to make their own wallets, which are needed to play our crypto streaming game which uses Web Monetization in order to stream money on Interledger.

The website is split up into multiple sections. First, there is a landing page that contains a brief overview of our mission statement and what we offer users, followed by placeholder outside reviews of the service, and culminating with a newsletter subscription link that saves data from interested users to a database in Wix. This database can be easily exported or linked to a mailing service such as MailChimp to keep in touch with our users directly.

The News page shows users a couple TED talks about cryptocurrency, and as TED talks are very approachable, they make it easy to draw in someone knew to the concept. Just below the videos are a couple fresh news links, pulled from a pre-existing WixApp to display topical news content.

The Guide and Academy pages redirect users to content meant to teach them about various aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The Coins tab provides multiple functionalities. First the user sees a table of data pulled from the CoinCap API that lists the 25 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and provides more detailed statistics about them, including realtime price trends and total market volume. In addition, there is a lightbox that pulls on the Changelly API to allow a user to instantly purchase cryptocurrency directly on our website.

Finally, the Crypto Game tab (or CryptoClicker) is a group clicking game that rewards the winner with a little cryptocurrency, incentivizing new users to learn how to make and use a wallet. Multiple users open the page at the same time, enter their wallet information, and race each other to decrement a counter from 50 to 0 by clicking on it repeatedly. At the end of the game, the winner is rewarded using the Interledger protocols, allowing us to perform a micropayment as a reward without worrying about the type of coin that the winning user requested.

How we built it

The entire platform runs on Wix, making heavy use of WixCode to implement outside functionality. We often used Wix HTML Elements / iFrames integrate 3rd party libraries for our services. The main page, Guide, Academy, and News pages all used native Wix functionalities. The Coins page uses a CoinCap API through WixCode to generate a table with the necessary values and live updates. We created a lightbox within Wix that uses the Changelly API to power the purchase of cryptocurrencies for the user.

Finally, the CryptoGame used another lightbox to create the necessary overlays. A separate room is created for the CryptoGame. For this game, which revolves around a mouse-clicker function to race between participates to get to 0, we integrate Web Monetization with Coil to stream money between users while the game is being played until one player wins. Through Coil and Interledger integration, we are able to pay our winners in Ethereum or Ripple, instantly and securely.

Challenges we ran into

Working within Wix made us think creatively about what features we wanted to implement in our hack. We had to learn how to work with the WixCode system and implement various external APIs to get the functionality that we desired. We ran into a wide variety of issues building the customer crypto streaming game, which integrates with Interledger. We had to pivot ideas multiple times as we found either pre-existing similar solutions or conversely a lack of existing infrastructure to build up our ideas properly in just 36 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team of 4 but with only 1 person with a strong background in CS or crypto technology, we took pride in our ability to adapt to the tools available to us. Using Wix and existing API's helped us tremendously to build a product with the desired functionality. Also, after countless hours of development work, having our interactive crypto streaming game finally work was a huge achievement for us.

We're proud that we were also able to come together after struggling to come up with a unique idea and create something that we believe brings something new to the market. We are excited to help demystify cryptocurrency and help anyone adopt the fantastic new technologies and reap their benefits.

What we learned

We learned many functionalities around building WIX websites, how to integrate Interledger into different programs, and how to continuously move forward while ideas changed to build the best product with what you have. Those on the team who were less familiar with crypto / blockchain in the beginning are now more comfortable with the core concepts and ideas. We also got more practice working with javascript and a fantastic lesson in front end design, considering very carefully what we wanted the final user experience to look like.

What's next for KnoEx

Currently a lot of the content is made up of pre-existing guides from sources that we curated for our user. Instead, we would hire a team of technical writers and/or source a network of contributing experts to help create tutorials for people of all levels. In our roadmap, it would be great if new users could initially go through a short machine-learning enabled questioner to understand their baseline understanding of crypto/blockchain. Once that baseline is established, then they would have access to a feed with tailored content on-top of the regular content. We also need Coil integration for our users to play our Crypto Game, so in the future we would ask them to add that extension to their browser before playing the game.

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