We wanted to teach coding to kids, but we wanted to make it relatable. We took from our past experiences and realized that giving a face to the narrator would help retention. Since our original audience was children, we thought that having some kind of talking animal would be a very effective way to gain interest from viewers. One immediate idea was to use the character Knuckles from the Sonic the Hedgehog series due to his recent surge in popularity on the Internet.

What it does

The site offers a compelling narrative for prospective Python students to quickly develop a grasp on key concepts and test the waters, while providing entertainment and a memorable experience.

How we built it

One group member shared his HTML experience and got us set on the way to building the rest of the sites, while we wrote a story to frame the Python informational passages. We were able to use Amazon Web Services to host our own domain, thanks to HackDavis sponsors.

Challenges we ran into

We had little experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, so we were forced to stay mobile on our feet and adapt to the different issues that arose as we worked on our project at the same time as learning three new languages. Also, the Internet access was spotty at times, which threw a wrench in our collaborative efforts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We went from having next to no experience with web design and development: three members of our group of four had never written a line of CSS in their lives. We were also proud that we were able to create such a gripping tale blended with educational content. Our original idea was a text-based adventure application, but we added backgrounds, embedded images, and proper formatting to make the site attractive.

What we learned

This was one of our first team-based projects ever. We found out that we are capable of going beyond what we originally expected when we share our knowledge and experience. And of course, we all learned a few points from web and graphic design.

What's next for

The site is currently in a finished working state, but we may consider adding updates to continue the lessons. This offers a good baseline for our future coding and design projects.

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